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Welcome to deltaComm Development, Inc., home of Telix for DOS and Telix for Windows. I'll be here to help you find your way around the site and to the features and praises of Telix for Windows, our flagship software product for online communications via modem and over the Internet.

Just click on the icons of your choice above or the text equivalent below, and I'll meet you there to tell you all about it!

November, 2001:  We're still here, selling and supporting (via Email and fax) legacy versions of Telix.   No further development will be done on the products, though, and owner Jeff Woods is currently working elsewhere full time in addition to Telix sales and support.   Turnaround can be several days at times, and for that, we apologize -- Telix is no longer a full-time income.

June 9, 1999: We recently sold rights to our old domain name,, to Delta Funding Corp. We apologize to our customers who had difficulty finding us using the new domain name, We are working on straightening out the search engines as quickly as we can. Our new support address is for Telix questions.

November 24, 1998: Did you know your computer's power sits idle most of the time, waiting for your input? Why not put that expensive hardware to use when you're not using it? Join the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search and possibly win $1000 at the same time!

August 6, 1996: These TFW v1.15d patch files stop the runaway "new version available" dialogs.

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